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Bakery Box Quilt Co.

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Bakery Box Quilt Co. was born out of one idea, to eliminate obstacles to quilting.  Beginning quilters can be intimidated trying to figure where and how to start.  Sewing machine options, fabric choices, time, distance to stores or training, supplies needed…and the list goes on.  For experienced quilters, some are faced with the inability to accomplish certain task such as cutting quilt pieces.  And of course, most of us suffer from not having enough space for our craft.  I am here to help.  I want to help enable quilting happiness for all who aspire to quilt. 


Each quilt has a life and a story.  Quilting is a part of history that crosses all societal barriers.  Quilting is an art form.  To quilt is to connect to many generations.  Quilts have been made to keep family’s warm, send soldier off, mark paths of safe travels, treasured gifts for special occasions, to capture memories, tell stories, comfort the sick, welcome guests and demonstrate artful skills.  Quilt have been made from the finest silks to flour sacks.


In unsettled and hectic times, quilting provides a reprieve.  A time to recharge mind and heart.  I sincerely hope you will allow yourself to join or rejoin the journey. I promise you won’t be alone on your path to happy quilting. 


Happy Quilting Days Ahead,




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